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Abaqulusi Water

This interesting article was in the Vryheid Herald

THE DROUGHT, which has seized large parts of KZN, is forcing desperate residents at KwaFahlaza in Nquthu to drink salty-tasting water from their communal pump taps. Residents say the problem has existed for some time now, and add that they have depended on the water provided by the uMzinyathi municipality via tanks for drinking and cooking. According to a certain community member, since the drought the tankers only come once a week to this area and the water supply is not enough for everyone. “This drought is a huge problem, having this salty-tasting water is not different from not having any drinking water at all. We only drink it now because we do not have a choice,” he said. “Even the tea you make from this water makes fresh milk curdle and you cannot drink it,” he added. Cogta’s Lennox Mabaso said the drought is also affecting other areas that would ordinarily have water supply. “So it means that we now have to extend the supply of water tankers and Jojo tanks as interim measures, even to areas that we would not provide to because they have infrastructure for the delivery of those services,” he concluded.

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