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Bottling Plant

Bottling Plants

Linear Type bottling machine which can bottle 1000-2000 bottles per hour (BPH). This is a 3 stage system that includes washing, filling, and capping PET bottles with non-carbonated drinks.

The machine functions automatically with sensors to feed bottles, bottle washing, filling, and capping. All machines are manufactured from food-grade stainless steel and utilize the latest technology.


  1. Full automatic multiple-function washing, filling and capping unit.

  2. Its performance is as following: all parts, for instance, filling valve, which directly contact medium, are made of stainless steel or harmless material. So it conforms to the requirements of food sanitation.

  3. Sealing parts are made of heat-proofing rubber, in order to meet the technique requirements of users to sterilization at high temperatures. Using a programmable controller to realize fully automatic control from bottles entering to finishing packing. Using a transducer as speed regulator, the user can regulate the machine easily to suit different power equipment.

  4. Adopting equal pressure filling principle and current spring valves in order to assure beverage quality.

  5. Using advanced magnetic coupler to regulate cap-screwing torque, in order to assure capping quality.


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