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PTH (Prevent Total Hardness) Systems

The PTH system can treat the hardest of water and lime scale. And the real advantage of the PTH is that it requires no power source to work, nor does it need chemicals, salt or any other additive. In other words, install it and forget it, except for once a year, you simply unscrew one end, take out the central core, brush it with a wire brush, and put it back in and screw it up again. Simple! Let me explain how it works...

The PTH Water Conditioner is made of two parts, a cylinder made of stainless steel and an inner core of an alloy made of noble and semi-noble metals. When water flows through it, weak electrical fields are produced by electric potential difference between this unique alloy core and the metallic cylinder. These fields and the venturic effects stemming from the unique configuration of the core prevent the adhesion and cohesion of the waterborne mineral particles - mainly carbonic salts, calcium and magnesium.

In other words, the ions lose their polarity and become neutralised, so that they do not cluster together to create lime scale or salt. The molecules are re-arranged and are not in close contact with each other anymore. This is what is called the 'wetter water' effect, a phenomenon unique to PTH. In addition, scale binders such as silica, alumina and calcium sulphate are broken down when hard water flows through the specially designed 12-part alloy core.

Basically, the PTH 'scrubs' the water. This is a completely natural process and occurs freely in nature when, for example, a stream or river flows over a bedrock containing just 2 or more different types of metals or noble or semi-noble minerals. So it is an entirely 'green' product which will not harm the environment; in fact, it is good for it.

What is also important is that when the PTH treats water, mineral salts such as calcium and magnesium remain in the water to benefit the people, the animals and the plants using the water but, as they are rendered harmless, they do not cause problems in their household appliances or geysers.

The PTH system requires no maintenance (other than a quick brush of the core with a wire brush every 9 months or so (easy to remove and refit)), needs no chemicals, uses no electricity or any other power source, and will last a lifetime. In other words, it is a once-off cost...forever. You'll find the PTH will not only give better tasting drinking water but will also protect geysers, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. No more scale build-up on the element and clients won't be replacing them for years. The PTH will also remove existing scale in pipes and appliances. On a personal level, you will find that soap lathers easily, your skin won't itch and you'll enjoy financial and environmental savings on soaps, detergents, pool chemicals.

The PTH comes in different sizes. The correct size depends on the water flow rate. We measure it in litres per minute. You will see the variables for each size listed on the price list. This is the most important criterion in recommending the right size.

The PTH is straightforward to install. Most units are in stock. If you need any further information, or to discuss the PTH system, please just email or call.

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